The Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival, April 19th - April 24th 2016.

The festival was launched in 2010 and is already a huge success. Dedicated exclusively to children and young people in Reykjavik up to the age of sixteen, this annual festival strives to introduce youth to a wide range of arts disciplines through the medium of workshops and performances. The unique aspect of this festival, and that which sets it apart, is that it places emphasis on participation, focusing particularly on the child as an artist. During the festival there will be a variety of activities for children, including theatre workshops, circus, visual arts, storytelling, music, film, puppetry and dance activities, with many nursery schools, primary schools, music and art schools, libraries, museums, theatres, and other cultural institutions taking part.

See complete program Here and Facebook for the festival Here


ASSITEJ Iceland is the national centre for ASSITEJ – the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young people. UNGI Festival is an international stage-performance festival for young audiences. The festival offers many exclusive theatre and dance productions for children of all ages. The Arts Education Department at the Iceland Academy of Arts and various artists will be putting on workshops for primary-school children and their families. There is emphasis on the participation of handicapped and foreign children. 

All events are free of charge, for a list of their events please select Assiteij tap Here  More information is available on the ASSITEJ Website


The Cultural Flag of Reykjavik was created to represent the support and nurturing of creative arts in education and employment, but also to strengthen cultural ties and promote collaboration between the city’s cultural centres and its nursery schools, primary schools and leisure centres. The flag has been designed with a variety of associated themes in mind, and with a special emphasis on art and current trends in youth culture.



The Festival is organised by the Festivals & Events Department of Visit Reykjavik and the Director of children's culture in Reykjavík. Their main role is to keep track of general planning and organisation, and also to publish and promote the Festival’s events. The Festival’s committee members are: Signý Pálsdóttir, Atli Steinn Árnason, Áshildur Bragadóttir, Eyja Camille Bonthonneau, Heiðar Kári Rannversson, Kristín Hildur Ólafsdóttir and Sigfríður Björnsdóttir. The event managers are Harpa Rut Hilmarsdóttir and Guðmundur Birgir Halldórsson.